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Water Treatment Media

Sand is used in some wastewater treatment facilities.  See the image below.

 New Sand may be able to replace raw sand according to Walla Walla recycler Chris Lueck.


Chris sent off a 2 cu ft test sample to Jacobs Waste Water Treatment facility, a world wide leader in sanitation. 

 The glass sand went through a sifting process: 1/8” sift, 1/16” sift, then into a 20 micron rosin bag, and washed in a 5 gallon bucket of water to wash out the very fine dust. They are currently running percolation tests.

Chris Lueck runs Ground2Ground in WallaWalla, WA.  Find him on Instrgram at @vtwineguy.

He Also uses An Expleco glass crushing machine, like egrc, and is in our growing network of glass recyclers.