EGRC is seeking



Our vision is to establish equal opportunity industry.

EGRC needs entrepreneurs that can utilize our products in their craft. We are in the process of sieving our New Sand into 5 grades. 


These different grades of sand and our grades of Shrub Steppe Sea Glass have many commercial uses: filtration, art, sandblasting, abrasive surfacing, terrazzo, bedding, fill, sand replacement, and filler (to name a few).  With further innovation building materials and mineral extraction is possible.


Join us in establishing glass recycling here in Kittitas County.

Have a business that can use glass materials?

Above is New Sand from deck 4 (400micron)


EGRC offers support

EGRC can help you get your idea off the ground.  We offer a pool of dedicated researchers, invested consumers, product, and can point you to the resources that help emerging startups.  

Contact us or become a website member and participate in our new forum.


Above is deck #3 sieved New Sand (1100 microns)