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ERGC Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2021 - 6 pm- 7:20 pm

Attendance: Suzanne Noble, Dave Bota, Don Solberg, Marte Fallshore, April Sheeley, Dana Henning, Joe Blasek, Jack Carpenter, Devorah Greenspan, Cheryl Payne, Rob Strader, Shirley Strader.

Collection list Joe Blasek 1 city of Ellensburg and Mick Janke 7 Yakima county (the growing list can be found in the shared google drive in document “GA Contact List (formally Interactive Schedule for crushing)”)


Jack discussed Financials: EGRC brought in $215 last month.

There was discussion that minimum goal is $351 monthly to cover necessary expenses (parts, insurance, debt) and that optimal goal is over $700 monthly to save for better equipment and growth

Suzanne finds Potential revenue stream targets:

$150 monthly for New Sand sales (donation)

$300 monthly for payment for service (donation)

$350 from grants

(donations go to Ellensburg Morning Rotary environmental budget line so donations are be tax deductible)


April discussed County Study: A $40,000 study to find markets for recyclables with a major focus on glass. There were 4 markets studied: pozzolan, highway bead, specialty glass, and bottle redistribution. There are several facilities that could accommodate such processing ranging from a network of $200,000 facilities to large facilities that around $6 million. See attached HDR document in email.

Suzanne led discussion of writing the editor about this study or contacting Carl from the Daily Record to get a report on the new transfer station. New transfer station should incorporate aspects of this study.


Suzanne announced she made earrings from New Sand with Sunna Kraushaar and Kristin Ashley. Sunna is buying a microwave kiln for further experimentation. Earrings are available at Devine Wellness for $12, $9 goes to EGRC, $3 goes to Devine Wellness


Jack showcased and discussed the sea glass he is making and how it diverts heavy bottles damaging the machine. 12 hours in a cement mixer, 1 hour at a time. It is loud, so he is creating a sound barrier.. **please donate egg cartons (the rippled part only is preferred)** Rust and Roses may sell this product and EGRC may look into purchasing a polymer cement mixer to reduce sound.


Jack announced EHS Environmental Club will be able to repair the leaky roof.


Jack reminded members “don’t lock breaker box or storage shed, just lock garage door”

However, ALWAYS open up crushing machine making sure no holes in the screen, wear on the metal shroud, or other damages are present. Don explained when machine is running, and a knocking sound occurs, vacuum out the excess to stop it. Don will edit the job duties to explain this in the binder. Jack is also composing an email to address how to care for the machine.


Jack announced he made a washing station and a manual screening system.

**He needs 2 2x4s 30” long**


Marte announced that she wants to have a work party at her house cutting heavy bottles for her garden barrier. She has diverted many heavy bottles that were collected and unable to go through the EGRC crusher. Some time in the late afternoon to beat the heat.


Devorah announced she has a glassware set for sale.


Jack asked for helpers to help maintain and repair machine. Don will help and ask Larry if he can too.


Cheryl announced she is an art teacher and there is a glass kiln in her facilities. She has resources to help repair parts once warranty is up.


Suzanne announced other uses: Labyrinth project in town “wants EGRC in on the ground level”

And Katy Porter will use New Sand without paper on the rodeo grounds

EGRC sand bags are great to hold down trampolines


April announced substrate distribution and marketing is moving along. Mona created paper bags cones and spray painted EGRC logo. Marte donated a stapler. Need to be filled and distributed.


Dana showcased her Decorative Glass Sand product. 32 oz compostable packages, cleaned and hand sifted, available and The Botany Store. Suzanne wants to get our signature EGRC bottle to any store selling New Sand products.


Suzanne calculated we have at least $35000 in in-kind work


Suzanne has written 2 city grants, one including the Repair Cafe for concrete floors, one for clean water, April is writing a city grant for community involvement. All are due August 31, 2021.


Suzanne announced no Crushing on Saturday July 24. Also on the 24th is the Grand Opening of Chelan’s $200,000 Andela Glass Crushers.


Written by April Sheeley July 20, 2021

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