Want to experiment with our New Sand in architectural or structural concrete mixes?

Words of caution: This experiment ONLY tested for strength. There are many other factors involved in producing concrete.  Please proceed with caution and get expert advice on how to add to this experiment. 


Strength testing these "Mix Designs" resulted in: 

The mixes were found to have PSI tests as follows respectively...

  • Standard 6163 PSI

  • 25% reduction 5453 PSI

  • 50% reduction 5377 PSI


a pozzolan called "Bottle Poz" was added to counteract Alkali-Silica Reaction. 

Strength testing these "Mix Designs" conclusion:

This experiment found that replacing 25%-50% raw sand with New Sand could create strong results. 

Considerations for future experiments:

  • Glass does not absorb water like raw sand.

  • ​​Water/cement ratio is an important factor in strength of concrete.