Glass Ambassadors

Collecting, crushing, and creating pulverized glass sand.

Glass ambassadors are what make our operation work.  This community outreach position is our organizations vehicle for receiving the public's glass and making sure it is clean.  This also ensures a clean recycling site. 


Through a self directed system, glass ambassadors collect resident's glass bottles.  After a quick training, glass ambassadors can choose how much time they devote to collection.  These volunteers bring their collections to our Expleco GLS2.0 glass crusher and turn them into pulverized glass sand called New sand.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Image by Azhar Munir Din


Glass Ambassadors take collected glass bottles through the Expleco GLS2.0 glass crusher creating pulverized glass sand.  This New Sand is sorted allowing the community to use this glass sand in applicable ways.  We are devoted to finding high quality uses for this New Sand.