EGRC is dedicated to finding valuable uses for post-consumer glass.  Glass containers are being crushed into a sand-like material with the Expleco GLS 2.0.  An Expleco LVScreener sieves this New Sand into 5 graded varieties to meet specifications for different applications. To learn more about Expleco machines visit them... 

  • Water filtration pumps that use raw sand can replace it with our sieved sand.

  • Sandblasters can replace their variety of media with refined glass sand.

  • Being a replacement for sand, New Sand can be used as pipebedding, underlay, backfill...anything under the ground that you would typically use sand for.

  • A replacement for fine aggregate in GFRC

  • Decorative addition in polished, architectural, and GFRC concrete, or terrazzo.

  • Inlayed into structural concrete mixes as exposed aggregate or mosaics.

  • Crafting purposes, as a glitter and sequin replacement.

  • Ornamental sand in planters.

  • Rain gardens, french drains, and bioretention swales.

  • Maybe even some fusing uses.

  • Chemical extraction of silica and silion. Potassium silicate and more.

Kittitas county is a great place with many resources to be an entrepreneur.  EGRC is one of these resources.  It has information and volunteer opportunities where you can test startup ideas with glass media at little to no risk. Find out more...