A Walla Walla, WA wastewater treatment experiment is our featured use of New Sand.

Glass sand can replace raw sand in many ways, Chris Lueck is working with his local sanitation experts to test the feasibility of glass sand in treatment systems.


Featured uses and experiments 

EGRC is dedicated to finding valuable uses for post-consumer glass.  Glass containers are being crushed into a sand-like material with the Expleco GLS 2.0.  An Expleco LVScreener would sieve this New Sand into 5 graded varieties. We are currently saving for this machine to create more valuable products. To learn more about Expleco machines visit them... 

The EGRC and glass ambassadors have found there is a variety of container glass thicknesses. Thick glass bottles with handles, bottoms, or anywhere on them that is 3/8" solid glass cannot efficiently go through the Expleco crusher.  To circumvent this problem EGRC has borrowed (and is saving to purchase) a cement mixer to create a tumbled glass product called Shrub Steppe Sea Glass.  To learn more...

Kittitas county is a great place with many resources to be an entrepreneur.  EGRC is one of these resources.  It has information and volunteer opportunities where you can test startup ideas with glass media at little to no risk. Find out more...

Below are some experiments that local people have conducted with New Sand.


Indoor plants and terrarium substrate

Glistening and moisture retaining New Sand is aesthetically and functionally appealing.

Concrete fine aggregate replacement

Replacing up to 50% raw sand for New Sand can be done and can divert glass waste into a strong products.

ravens soil mix.jpg

Raven's Snapdragon Soil

Adding 15-20% New Sand to soil has seen great results with seedlings and start's.

Standardized uses of recycled glass

Recycled glass has been experimented with in many applications over the last 30-40 years.  To find applications that have been certified and approved check out the link below.

Workers with Masks

Join us in making a real difference.