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Image by Ian Schneider

How We Got Here

Ellensburg Glass Recycling Cooperative was created from community outpouring, lot's of research, and many groups partnering together.

In 2019 glass recycling was taken off the recycling list here in Ellensburg, WA.  The city and concerned citizens became engaged and found that the existing processes of contaminated, unorganized hauling made glass too expensive to continue recycling in the same manner as it had been done for the last 20 years. The local history

A Facebook page was created by Heather Hazlett called the Ellensburg Glass Recycling Co-op and strangers came together to discuss their common desire to recycle glass.


In August of 2020 Suzanne Noble, Kristin Ashley, and April Sheeley began to learn the history, the types of recycling systems, grades of recycled glass, and uses for this pulverized medium.

Partnering with the Ellensburg Morning Rotary Club's, Environmental Sustainability Committee they were able to collect donations through the Rotary site to purchase a small glass crushing machine called the Expleco GLS2.0.  In addition, Jack Carpenter chair of the Ellensburg Morning Rotary Club's, Environmental Sustainability Committee became a key member of this group leading the way in logistics.

The IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) also became very important to this effort with their giving and generosity.

Today, led by Glass Ambassadors, we collect and crush consumer's glass bottles in an effort to keep glass recycling afloat and grow recycling efforts in Kittitas county.


Our mission: is to engage and educate the community about glass recycling.


Our vision: is to have Kittitas County establish sustainable industries that provide financially sound and equal opportunity employment while diverting landfill waste and doing so with progressive incentives.  

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