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Collection Services

There are two ways to recycle your glass:

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Find a glass ambassador

This can be done by joining our Facebook group and requesting an ambassador. 


Drop off at Central Washington Disability Resources

Located at 301 S 2nd Street, directly across from the library, there are tubs in the lobby entrance under the stairs for clean, label- free glass drop offs. A suggested donation of $5/100 bottles can be included with your drop off. Please call in advance to ensure there is space available as this is a popular drop off location and we want to be a good partner: ​​509-962-9620

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Do not drop off at the crushing facility!!

We cannot accept glass at the recycling facility so please utilize one of the two methods for drop off. 

Prepare your glass for recycling: 

Remember that we can only process glass bottles that are...​

  • cleaned of any residue

  • stripped of all metal or plastic (ie-labels, rings, caps)

  • it's great if you can remove paper labels! 

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