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Become a Volunteer

EGRC now has a variety of volunteer opportunities!​

Glass Ambassadors

Marketing Team Member

Production Team Member


Glass Ambassador

Becoming a glass ambassador means connecting with your community.  This position also serves as EGRC quality control by receiving the public's glass, making sure it is clean: free from food, metal, and plastic.  This system ensures a clean recycling site with no public drop off. 

Glass Ambassadors crush their collections at our facility with the Expleco GLS2.0.  This turns the container glass into a sand-like product we call New Sand. Contact Jim Wilson at 425.765.7772 to be trained.

glass coop sign.jpg

Marketing Team 

The Marketing team approaches and advertises to potential buyers, experimenters, and volunteers. This team conveys streamlined messaging about EGRC products.  Volunteering on the marketing team means learning and educating the potential buyers’ needs.  

This position assists in creating advertisements in various forms, as needed and sometimes helps with branding and design, and gathering materials to do so, like making copies, and speaking with packaging vendors. 

Working with the treasury committee the marketing team adjusts marketing methods as needed.

This volunteer position is about 2 hours per week, and occasionally hosts the EGRC Farmer’s Market booth.  


Production Team

The production team helps decide what will be produced with New Sand and creates plans/strategies to implement these ideas.  Working with the marketing and treasury teams the production team learns about markets and needs of buyers, creates plans for infrastructure, itemizes materials needed, and implements plans. 

This team works within EGRC's budget.

These projects are as simple as bagging up kits, and can get more complex depending on skills sets.  EGRC aims to be a producer of wholesale media, but as a demonstration project, we are open to many R&D uses for post consumer glass.  Projects are directed by the production teams in collaboration with the marketing, and treasury teams.

These volunteers devote about 4 hours a week. 

Contact us to Volunteer! 

We can't do this without the help of our amazing volunteers.

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