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ERGC Meeting Minutes

November 2021 - 6 pm-7:00 pm

Attendance: Suzanne Noble, Jack Carpenter, Dana Henning, April Sheeley, Kurt Blazek, Jan Demorest, Dan Witowski, Dennis Wilson, Leigh Ann Harris, Mick Janke, Rob Strader


Attendees news and announcements:

Suzanne- announced that next meeting will not be until February 21, 2022.

Dennis- is making glassware. He is looking for a welder and a solderer to volunteer their expertise.

Leigh Ann- wants to make earrings and requested more information

Dan- has a group of volunteers from Central Washington Disability Resources (CWDR) that want to recycle glass. He has set up a bin to collect glass and is acquiring a donation box at CWDR for residential drop off.

Jan- has found that, while New Sand, is not permitted in Gallery One kilns, pieces of sea glass embedded in specific ways are allowed. She will do some experimenting.

Mick- (in the chat) will be taking a seasonal break and resuming Yakima’s DIDO (drive in drop off) in January/February. They want to display EGRC goods during this next DIDO.

Rob- announced that Yakima City Council is looking into starting a sustainable practices committee.

Jack- announced that there will not be a IOOF yard sale, but that Raven(IOOF manager) would allow a EGRC yard sale where EGRC products can be sold along with general yard sale items.

April- announced that this November meeting marks the one year anniversary of meetings!


Changes to last meeting minutes:

April- no change to September’s meeting minutes.



Jack announced balance of about $3500. Parts need to be ordered at $1000. IOOF donation for rent and utilities needs to be paid at $500.


Recycling markets SWAC subcommittee update:

April-there was a SWAC subcommittee meeting November 9 and meetings will be held every 2 months, next meeting on January 11, 2022.

April presented a slide show, explaining EGRC’s >21tons of glass crushed and 5.6 tons used so far, 90 volunteers, and the direction EGRC will be moving during 2022. This covered the need to form marketing teams, production teams, and a treasurer. Providing clear data about products will direct and bolster local government support through the SWAC Recycling markets subcommittee, and meet the expectations of 2 city grants EGRC has been awarded: Community Grant $4,000 and Stormwater Utility Grant $5,000. The presentation also included examples of key market areas: alternatives products to New Sand (Sea Glass), selling wholesale media to businesses/entrepreneurs (new sand and sea glass), selling products directly to customers after volunteer teams refine/innovate (glass earrings, sand bags).


Dennis led a brainstorm on alternative products to New Sand

Why? Heavy bottles cannot go through the crushing machine, sea glass operations are halted until spring.

Suzanne mentioned Judy Trudeau needs heavy wine bottles for candle making and the Grace Episcopal Church Labrynth project needs heavy wine bottles for building materials.

Mick posted 2 drop off sites 2 drop-off locations for heavy glass:

1.Cedar River Drop, 16925 Cedar Falls Rd, North Bend, WA. Check their website for hours-not open every day.

2.East Lewis County Transfer Station, 6745 US Hwy 12, Morton, WA approximately 1 1/2 hrs from Yakima on Hwy 12.

There was discussion of Strategic Materials in Seattle.

Dennis would like to see someone collect and haul heavy glass to one of these sites, and he may volunteer to do this.


Site/machine update:


1.Cold weather protocol: open up chute, put thermometer on crushing mechanism, if below 34 degrees turn heaters on at the breakers (leave heaters switches alone and USE BREAKERS TO SHUT HEATERS ON/OFF).

2.Motion lights are being installed outside the shed. Hopefully, you will now be able to see the lock without a flashlight. A flashlight is still hanging next to the lock, if needed.

3.Use the less full "west" bunker now for New Sand with paper.

4. Use buckets for New Sand without paper and store buckets in front of the sea glass station with lid ajar. Storage will be expanded to bicycle shed, just southeast of the shed.

5. We have a good source of continual buckets! But always need more!


Update on general release of liability waivers.

Suzanne- about 40% of all ambassadors waivers have been signed. Remember you cannot crush or take product without signing one.


Marketing update:

April-sand bags are ready for anyone wanting them (just like sea glass). $5 a bag, donation made out to EMRC Foundation or $5 in donation box...either way write down what you have taken and payment amount on glass crush sheet.


People needing service:

April reminded everyone of the shared Googledoc called “people who want service”. There is a list of about 30 people who need service. Scroll to the bottom of this list. Those not highlighted means they still need service. If you take on someone, then highlight them.

Jack explained that we DO take glass with paper labels. Facebook followers have spread the idea that we do not.


Written by April Sheeley respectively

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