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ERGC Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2021 - 6 pm- 7:00 pm

Introductions/Roll call

Suzanne Noble, Mike Burtness, Mick Janke, Ann Bergstrom, Barb Binder, Kurt DeBuck, Dave Bota, Pat Badders, Dana Henning, Jill Ungar, April Sheeley, Jack Carpenter, Ramona Bryant

Number of households served by people at the meeting


County residents 20

City of Ellensburg 57

Yakima County 62


Suzanne Noble



Mike Burtness



Mick Janke


Ann Bergstrom


Barb Binder



Kurt DeBuck


Dave Bouta


Pat Badders


Dana Henning


Jill Ungar


April Sheeley



Jack Carpenter


Mona Bryant






Corrections to last month's minutes: Ambassadors please ask your service receivers to donate money.


Jack: financials: $4873 up from $2500 last month. We have bills / expenses of $1308.57 to pay which leaves a balance of $3564.43

Garage doors were installed and Jack paid for them out of pocket, EGRC will reimburse him the $3030 eventually.

Jack will not pay out of pocket for the LVScreen machine ($5500) that sorts grades of New Sand, so we are holding off until EGRC funds can cover the cost.


Awaiting handles and padlock. The padlock will lock the north door and the south door will be opened and secured from the inside. The padlock will have the same code as the breaker box.


Suzanne: Is focused on “Cash Flow positivity” after her intensive course that culminated in her being a finalist in a contest for $10,000. To attend Register ASAP. Check it out Circular Innovation Challenge 2021 Tickets, Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 4:00 PM | EventbritenShe also wants us to think about how to get “Angel Investors”


Chelan will be getting it’s Rotary, City, and County backed Andela Glass Crusher machine in July and will use it once a month to crush their county’s glass. No need to remove labels. Check it out if you are up there!


April: Kittitas County’s feasibility study on how to make money off recyclables will end June 30th and by middle of July should hear results.


Jill and Mick: recommend $5 membership style monthly fee for people receiving our services.

Dana and April: Charging by weight was discussed

Suzanne created a flyer with specific prices per case. $2 for beer, $4 for wine, $.05 a light weight container, $.10 heavy container

Jack emphasized it IS by donation, but let them know it costs roughly what the flyer states. (you will be able to find this flyer in the shared drive folder)

Suggested prices for New Sand are $5 for 5 gallon bucket


Bruce at Suncadia and Dale Defoor from Central Nursery are interested in buying machines similar to our Expleco. Dale also will take tons of New Sand if EGRC does not find another buyer by winter.


Jack installed the 4th screen. Taking the heavy duty bottles out almost doubled our amount crushed. He also found bolts/washers do not work well to patch worn away but reversing the screen may extend it's life.


Outside plugins have been installed for cemetery use. Working on electricity to the other side of the shed. Trying to borrow an electric cement mixer, find out if it has a liner, and try to make beach stone glass. It will be very noisy, definitely not to be used during burials.


April and Ramona are packaging New Sand, and not sure if they will make a mix of 20NewSand/80Compost, Ramona suggests just 100%New Sand in packages. Ramona will make packages out of paper bags, and bring them up to EGRC to get stenciled, filled, then distributed. These will be delivered to various nurseries, Queen of Spades, and Master Gardeners for market analysis and feedback. We will reevaluate and may expand to other boutiques later on.


We are collecting In-kind hours, including pick up routes, 200 bottles per/hour to find ambassador time donated, and estimate total households we serve.


We will cap glass ambassadors at 100 crushers. We are at 75 now.

Warranty is up January 30, 2022.

Suzanne has made a plastic label table document. If you have brands that use plastic labels you can document it on this. It can be found in the top drawer of the dresser. We can use our findings to write letters to the editor, to the company, or boycott those bottles. Heat seems to loosen these types of labels off. When washing bottles, promote using grey water, ie-leftover dish soap.


The Farmer's Market is still on hold.

Respectfully submitted by April Sheeley

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