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ERGC Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2022 - 6 pm-7:00 pm

Attendance: Kristin Ashley, Anne Bergstrom, Joe Blazek, Barry Brunson, Mike Burtness, Jack Carpenter, Kurt DeBuck, Billie Failor, Mark Goettlicher, Leigh Ann Harris, Dana Henning, Emily Jacobs, Mick Janke, Suzanne Noble, Katie Scofield, April Sheeley


Sustainability Sub-Committee Update:

April discussed: email that indicates groups desire to resume meetings “sooner rather than later”. A phone conversation where members think these meetings are very necessary and that working with Dpt of Commerce and lobbyist groups such as ZeroWaste WA would make funding and policies that enhance feasibility of glass recycling.

Suzanne invited EGRC members to join her in reaching out to other clubs and researching the HDR Feasibility study to give April guidance in being the EGRC representative at these Sustainability Sub Committee meetings. Barry volunteered to join.


Earrings update:

Suzanne continues to sell $12 glass earrings made from EGRC sand at Devine Wellness. She wants to pursue a more expensive line and offered to teach interested EGRC members to take on her Devine Wellness line. Leigh Ann and Mick volunteered to learn.


Sea Glass Update:

Jack explained 1-5 gallon bucket takes 9 hours of tumbling over 2 days time. He creates 6 sizes washing the glass through handmade sieves. Barry brought about 20 cases of mason jars he collected from a gentleman in upper county to be used to package the sea glass. Jack requested fabric to use as lids. Dana and Jack are about finished coming up with suggested donation prices. Jack requested ambassadors bring friends and family to come look at the EGRC operations and we want all of our products available for donations at the shed.



Jack explained EGRC is now requesting ambassadors donate a discounted fee for New Sand and all EGRC products. Special price list will be posted at the shed for ambassadors along side suggested price list for general public. There is a yellow notebook hanging on a clipboard to document what you take, how much, and how much money you donated into the drop box. Please if possible, put your donation in a recycled envelope with a note about your transaction.

There is an updated General Release of Liability (GRL) form that all ambassadors and people using any amount of our products must sign. You must sign this before continuing to volunteer with EGRC. This GRL is hanging on a clipboard. Please sign and leave under forms on the clipboard and Suzanne will collect them for safe keeping.

There is also a new comment/suggestion notebook hanging next to these other documents. No need to write down your name or contact information unless you want a response.

Machine and site update:

Jack explained that the user manual to our Expleco crushing machine says the crushed glass is safe to handle, but Jack has found larger shards in the crushed glass.Dana also warned that she uses an electric sifter and even pieces that are small can cut. She recommends not using in applications where lots of handling is involved (sifted or not).

The metal shroud forms holes over time and Marte has a friend that will patch this so that we can rotate and reuse old shrouds.


It is getting colder outside. The machine should only be run when internal temperature is 34degrees. EGRC will send out information on freezing temperature protocol, please (for now) only crush when the weather outside is well above freezing. Sea Glass crushing will come to an end soon for the winter season. There is only room for heavy bottles in the 2 bins provided, so networking to find other uses, or storage for bottles you collect will be needed, or tell your people you cannot take them. A local Labrynth project will need many of these heavy bottles.


Vacuum after crushing containers with labels and when your session is over. Paper slows down the motor. Barry also donated a sieve if there is paper in non-paper sand, use is optional.


Wear closed toe shoes many shards on the floor of the shed from sea glass and normal operations.


Again public suggest prices for service and products will be posted at the shed and will be emailed out so that ambassadors can print and hand them out to the people they provide service to.

Jack explained that the red container next to the entrance is IOOF container drop off. Crush if you have the time.

Joe asked about the general liability waiver for clarification. The response: print out the emailed waiver or come to the shed for a copy, sign, and place it on the clipboard that is hanging in the shed before using EGRC equipment or products.

Grants update:

Water Quality Grant-Suzanne requested $10,000 from City of Ellensburg Stormwater fund to purchase a LVScreener that will separate New Sand grades, then have proctor sieve tests, remove powder and use in stormwater swales as 15% of their soil mix. This would 55% of the grades that our machine uses. There is one other competitor: Mid Columbia Fisheries.

Community Grant-April requested about $10,000 from the City of Ellensburg to pay for an LVScreener, Cement Mixer, and 6 months worth of budget which includes a budget for a marketing committee. Both of these grants will be deliberated on in November.

Framing garage doors update:

April received an email from Rob Strader that he has an injury, but has collected all the salvaged wood and supplies needed for the project. He has also found a friend that can help with this project on the weekends. (Mike Burtness offered his assistance after the meeting)

Jack told us that the environmental club will not be caulking the roof, but Richard’s grandson will help. Richard can use New Sand as flooring in the new greenhouse and IOOF will let EGRC construct storage space for storing buckets of leveled sand and sea glass.

Marketing update:

Dana has sold 3 batches of her glass sand product at The Botany Story equal to 52 pounds. She wants to branch out into sea glass.

April is looking for entrepreneurs like Dana that can make products and money with this material. The 4H fair booth received a blue ribbon. She also plans to approach and give flyers to nursery’s, EBDA, the Chamber, Solid Waste, and Public Health that express this need. She will be attending the Kittitas County Chamber event Tuesday September 21 at 5:30 at Dark Moon for upcoming leaders. She requested others to join her.


Mick announced that Yakima will have a drive and drop off October 2, where they have invited their 60 Yakima clients. It will be held at the OIC parking lot. They request donations of $3-$5 for this service and will be checking to make sure bottles are clean. Katie has offered to clean those that do not come in clean.


Meeting concluded around 7pm

Minutes written by April Sheeley

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