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ERGC Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2022 - 6 pm-7:05 pm

Attendance: Betty Meilander, Dana Henning, April Sheeley, Suzanne Noble, Cay Crowley, John Schmit, Dennis Wilson, Barry Brunson, Leigh Ann, Gayle Picken, Emily Jacobs, Billie Failor, Jim Cole, Kristin Ashley, Mick Nelson Janke, Phil Mattocks



Mick and the Yakima EGRC division are organizing an Earth Day event
where they want to exhibit our GLS2.0 crushing machine and the products EGRC
creates. It will be on April 23 at 48th and Chesnut in Yakima.
Financial Report: April announced that as of February 11 EGRC has about $2200
available after expenses are accounted for!

Kittitas County Sustainability Committee Update: April explained that the Kittitas
county received a WRRD grant to study cardboard contamination and how to reduce
organic waste, (which are their priorities). She has introduced them to some RDC
initiatives (WAMaterials Marketplace and NextCycleWA). This committee was created
because of EGRC advocacy, and has increased Kittitas County’s networking across the

Grants- City of Ellensburg: Suzanne explained that both grants combined will provide
$9,000 of additional funds for EGRC and will help find more uses for our product. They
will do this mainly by purchasing a $5,500 sieving machine that will refine New Sand.
This money will also help pay for operating expenses and lab testing to meet
specifications for many uses, namely bioretention swales.
The Stormwater Utility Grant for $5,000 is being reviewed. It will focus on creating and
testing specific grades of New Sand for bioretention swales so that the city, county, and
commercial businesses will have the data needed to use New Sand in their stormwater
treatment swales.
April explained that the Community Grant contract for $4000 has been signed and now
will require implementing 3 broad goals and 3 milestones. Goals- create: Marketing
team, Production team, and Treasurer. Milestones-Get rid of 50% of sand by the end of
March; Raise $350 in 1 month from product alone; Consistently raise $350 for 6 months
in a row, providing clear data that there is a market for crushed glass.

Insurance: Suzanne has renewed EGRCs commercial insurance, though the rate has
increased. The hope is that EGRC can be covered by IOOF in the next few months once
their insurance rates drop (after the finalization of their elevator project).
General Release of Liability: Suzanne announced that about 70% of volunteers have
signed their GRL. If you have not, please make sure to sign this before you crush glass or
use EGRC product. The forms can be found in the shared Google drive (to print
out), or hanging next to the breakers at the EGRC site.

Update on Marketing Projects:
Dennis has made some containers from cut bottles. He has filed down the edges and
purchased corks to top them with. They can hold cotton balls, etc, and some can be
drinking glasses.
Betty will look into selling them and other EGRC products at the Farmer’s
Market. Emily and April will sit at the stand. Still looking for one other
Mick is looking for products (glass, garden tools, motorparts) for the Yakima Earth Day
event (earlier mentioned). EGRC will send out an email announcement with more
EGRC encourages all ambassadors share the “Suggested donation” sheet with glass
donors because most operating expenses are covered through these kinds of donations.
The updated sheet is attached here and now can be found in the shared Googledocs.
John wanted to know if we can access who has donated to EGRC. Suzanne replied that
we have had large sums of money that went to the wrong fund, but they have been
recovered and each donation itemized and accounted for. April concluded that this
information can be accessed.
Dana continues to sell her packaged materials to the Botany Shop.
Dana has spoke with the Pet Shop and they are interested in wholesale unpackaged
product. April recommended EGRC directly supply the Pet Shop.
Dana has spoke with Jerrols and they are receptive about selling her packaged products.
They may need extra information so that they can market it to their arts and crafts
April hopes that Gayle can help market EGRC materials through a video and her other

April asks members to share the word that Pacific Crest Creatives in Cle Elum has EGRC
Sea Glass and may host classes using it in murals hosted by the artist Angela.
April has put EGRC products on This
website is for contractors and generators of continuous/large scale waste, or in need of
it. One must meet with the administrators to gain access. Please share this website with
those that are large generators of waste, looking to divert it away from the landfill.
EGRC’s access may also help find building supplies for our crushing site.
Updates on Machine/Site Operations April relayed some info in lieu of Jack:
Sea Glass… No heavy/thick glass until we send out a notice.
Remind all how to turn off the heater when below 34 degrees: turn on / off at the
breakers. Barry brought up the fact that the wood box heater needs to be turned on at
the actual heater.
Reminder to all to vacuum each and every time for paper.
Use both bunkers for all sand until further notice/or there is a sign saying otherwise on
the bunker.
When putting donations in the metal box at the site, please add a note of explanation
and tuck it all in an envelope. Put the same information on the EGRC sheet. This will
help us account for revenue streams.
Update on test screens. We are testing screens made from different metals on the glass
crushing machine for the manufacturer. They may wear in shorter or longer time.
Please check screen for holes that run into each other.
Dana explained that the large scale seems to be malfunctioning.
Spring Work Party: Instead of a regular meeting in March, we we will have a work party
to envision the future, take some video, and do some cleaning and stenciling of buckets.
Storage, electrical wiring, and a screening infrastructure all need to be planned.
Marketing and production of new products will also be discussed.
CWU Earth Week Participation: April mentioned that Kelsey Bechtholdt, Sustainability
Education Program Specialist at CWU, reached out to EGRC to present an Earth Week
activity in the SURC. EGRC is looking for volunteers to develop a craft, lead this event,
or help in any way.
Suzanne emphasized the fact that being invited to anything at CWU is very important to
EGRC networking. If anyone has any ties please help with CWU engagement. She would

like younger EGRC members to help create a larger social media presence, such as Tik
Dana mentioned that she will be working with Central Washington Disabilities Resource
to show them how to make some glass crafts.
Website Updates: April has developed a membership at
By becoming a member you can communicate with one another through the forum,
groups, or chat. There is a private forum for just glass ambassadors. This is a place
where ambassadors can reach each other if they do not have other contact information.
It also includes a public forum open to members that are not ambassadors and are
looking to recycle their glass, etc. Facebook proves to be the best way, but some people
refuse to do that, so this gives them an avenue to connect with ambassadors.
The website has been updated in other ways: with a Facebook link; and a new “use in
your industry” page.
Future of EGRC as a non-profit: Suzanne discussed how Scott Pernaa (the Rotary
accountant) said he considers the use of Rotary’s foundation “temporary” and does not
want to do EGRC’s accounting forever. We need to think about becoming a legal entity,
instead of fiscally sponsored by the Rotary foundation. We should think about a timeline
and follow up with him. We should also think about the pros and cons of doing this.
There will be additional costs and procedures:
ie- Bank account, registered agent, filing fees, accountant, board members, developing
Conclusion: Suzanne discussed the hope of a recovery park outside of the new transfer
station to house a large glass recycling machine. April thinks that may hold some possibilities since they create
pathways to public/private partnerships where the county can collaborate with a private
crushing operation. Suncadia also holds financing potential. They have an
environmental fund that many members would like to see go to glass recycling, (with the
stipulation of it being housed in upper county).

****Work Party March (TBD)***

*****Next Meeting Date: Monday April 25, 2022 at 6 pm*****

Written respectively by April Sheeley ending at 7:10pm

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