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ERGC Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2021 - 6 pm- 7:20 pm

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting inadvertently ended at 6:35 pm because ZOOM cut us off –as happens when we are
using the free zoom service. We hopped back on the same link to complete the meeting! The second time we
hopped on to zoom, we were cut off and as far as I know – no one rejoined.

Members Present: Gary Manning, Leigh Ann Harris, Billie Failor, John Entwhistle, Dennis Wilson, Jan Demorset,
April Sheeley, Suzanne Noble, Jack Carpenter, Jim Cole, John Schmit, Arcelia Kent, Diann Goodrich, Kristin Ashely,
Drew Bland, Rowan Utzinger, Mick Janke, Tami Dunlap, Don Solberg, Kris Ernest, Laura Garcia Bohnet. Guest:
Trevor Alkrie


  • Last month’s meeting minutes: Summarized by Suzanne

  • Solid Waste Sub Committee on Sustainability – has begun to meet according to April

  • Financial Report: Current Balance is $2,378.03 as shared by Jack via Ellensburg Morning Rotary Foundation.

  • Tonnage: Since inception, we have collectively crushed 2.7 tons! We have given away 1.5 tons for uses such as

sandblasting, gardening, round pen soil addition and have folks looking to use in some in a large paver project.
This includes Yakima county glass contributions of 400 lbs. Super crusher to far is Tami Dunlap at 851 lbs!! Partner
Super Crushers Don Solberg and Larry Sharpe processed 615 lbs, Arcelia Kent (with help from Laura Garcia Bohnet)
crushed 485 lbs and Dennis Wilson crushed 465 lbs!!
Binder Updates: All the necessary paperwork to assist in being the best glass ambassador you can be is found
electronically in the Glass Initiative Folder of Google Docs and in the physical book on site at the crusher. Don
Solberg edited the doc “Glass Ambassador Duties” and also added Trouble Shooting Tips! These are tried and true
solutions to avoid problems during your crushing. To summarize: Listen to the machine as it is crushing and make
sure the bottle in the machine is fully crushed before adding another bottle. Be aware of BIN VOLUME! Check
frequently as about 80 bottles will top out the bin and if you keep crushing it creates a jam and may contribute to
quicker wear-time on the machine components. Jack will be adjusting the bin warning light so it will function to
alert you to stop and empty the bin as needed.
A waiver of liability form has been added to both electronic and physical books. This is to be filled out by those
individuals taking 100 lbs or more of our product to potentially protect EGRC from complaints. Have the
“customer” sign two copies so you can keep one and they can take the other home. File the waiver in the binder
with the other waivers.

  • Scale – Jack discovered that the scale that is locked up in the storage cabinet has an on/off switch to the right hand side of the key pad – please turn scale off when you are through using it.

  • Scheduling your Crush Time – Continue using Google Sheets until the sub-committee of Don, Trevor, Kris and Diana make a decision as to the best platform for our interactive schedule. Raven Harlin from the cemetery will be given access to the interactive schedule so she can block the schedule if a memorial service or other event is taking precedence at that time. Please check the schedule right before you head up to see if an event may prohibit crushing.

  • Connecting with other Ambassadors: April will add a column for text phone numbers if you wish to add your number to allow others in the group to contact you – feel free to do so. This is not a requirement.

  • Crushing Alone – EGRC would prefer you have a partner with whom to crush but if that’s not your style and you feel comfortable crushing solo – you may do so.

  • Cash Donations: If your donors give you cash, please save it up to at least $20 before you contribute it to the

Rotary. You may write a check for the amount of cash you have to donate or donate it through the website.
All donations made to EMRC Foundation are 501c3 tax deductible. But if you are donating someone else’s money –
you do not get the tax credit.
Financial donations are accepted via this QR code link – which adds a small processing charge to the donation.

Donating in the form of a check is preferred.
Write check to EMRC Foundation with note on the check: Glass Recycling Environmental Fund
Address to:
Ellensburg Morning Rotary Club
ATTN: Scott Pernaa, CPA
PO Box 919, Ellensburg, WA 98926




GLASS SAND INHALATION CONCERNS: Laura asked about other crushers’ experiences with breathing in the glass
sand through a fabric mask. Don Solberg suggest using a N95 or KN95 mask while you crush. Suzanne asks
ambassadors concerned about the health dangers to check with OSHA website where she found glass sand
(amorphous silica) labeled as a nuisance but not a health hazard. Rock sand (crystalline silica) is a major health
hazard and causes a serious lung disease, Silicosis. Still – please wear your masks, glasses and gloves to avoid any

  • Collection Updates: April continues to connect those who want to recycle with ambassadors. Contact April if you

can add a few more glass donors to your current load.


Next Meeting – April 19 at 6 pm via Zoom


Community Engagement is part of our mission statement. We are educating the residents about how to recycle
responsibly. We need to change mindset about recycling being someone else’s job. We need to encourage local
municipalities to use our sand in daily operations such as winter traction, underlay, pipe bedding, pothole fill,
filtration, sports field cover and more. Letters to the editor demanding policy changes that require recycled
content in procurement is on the table. Incentivizing use of recycled product in projects instead of virgin materials
needs to be policy. Currently WADOT accepts a 20% recycled sand sub for virgin sand.

Thank you so much for your efforts! You are truly ambassadors!


Respectfully Submitted, Suzanne Noble

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